S2 | E15 – Uncovering The Hidden Sea

This week on Wine Chats, we chat to the team behind The Hidden Sea Wine. These guys are hella passionate about making the world a better place by removing 10 plastic bottles from the ocean for every bottle of their wine you buy. But how do they do this? Where did this idea start? Founders…

S2 | E12 – Fertility & Baby Makin’ with Belinda Love

IVF, artificial insemination, missionary position – the baby making options are endless! In the follow up to last week’s episode, this week on Wine Chats, Belinda Love joins Bildo & Lindalin and chats about fertility and the different paths to parenthood. Featured Wine: Tipsy Aunt Flo Bloody Good Rosé – Read Lindalin’s review here!

S2 | E8 – Womanhood – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

As International Women’s Day approaches, Bildo and Lindalin dive into Pros and Cons of being a woman. And what’s a pro to one woman can be a definite con for another! Featured Wine: Claymore Wines London Calling Cabrenet Malbac Claymore Wines London Calling Cabrenet Malbac – Lindalin’s Review S2 | E8 wine – Claymore Wines,…

Women Fart Too – It’s True!

Did you know that women fart too? It’s true!

Your girlfriend does it, your wife does it, your mother AND your sister do it too.

Because literally EVERYONE on Earth farts!

This week, Lindalin takes particular aim at society that suppresses bottom burping ladies and Bildo digs deep to understand where her poo-phobia comes from.

Crying Into Our Wine

Everybody has a breaking point and this week, Bildo & Lindalin have reached theirs.

Nothing is wrong and everything is wrong as the ladies hold hands and cry together and ask each other “R U OK?”