The Big Ohhhhh!

Did you know that there’s a difference between climax and orgasm? Neither did we! This week on Wine Chats, Bildo makes an orgasm confession that empties the room and Lindalin struggles with the giggles. As the wine flows, the episode gets loopier, so buckle up and settle in for a show all about the O!…

We Tried the Sacred Art of Tantric Sex

How much do you know about tantric sex? Every tried it? This week’s episode has been months in the making as Bildo & Lindalin researched and put into practice the sacred art of long lasting love. Featured Wine: El Desperado Red Blend 2019 ~~~ Wine Chats episodes are recorded live on Instagram each week on…

The A -> Z of Kinks & Fetishes

‘F’ is for Foot Fetish, ‘G’ is for Gagging and ‘H’ is for what exactly??? This week on Wine Chats, it’s all about Kinks & Fetishes as Bildo & Lindalin go through an A -> Z List of all the extraordinary sex people are having out there… Will they be inspired or frightened? Featured wine:…

Bildo & Lindalin Interview Each Other for Their 100th Episode!

Bildo & Lindalin are interviewing each other to celebrate 100 glorious episodes! On today’s show, Lindalin asks Bildo about her regrets, fantasies and happiest moments of the Wine Chats journey so far… And Bildo dares Lindalin with a challenge, finds out what makes her feel sexy and asks about the most annoying thing that Bildo…

Tipsy Lovin’

What starts out with a glass of wine (or two) and ends with the infamous Reverse Cowgirl?

Why, this blog post of course!

This week, Bildo & Lindalin are losing all their inhibitions and putting tipsy sex in the spotlight.

Where Is My G-Spot?

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to get in there and find that little sucker.