Grope Me and I’ll Cut You

How good is a crotch grab?? Said no woman EVER! More like “grope me and I’ll cut you!” But is groping a way of showing a bit of love? In our first episode of 2022, we are tackling groping! From relationships to the clubs, no grope is left untouched. Featured wine: Georgie Orbach Pinot Gris…

Partner Pet Peeves

Wine Chats are BACK after a short holiday and Bildo & Lindalin kick off their return the best way they know how – by complaining! This week, the ladies list out their partner pet peeves, and while Lindalin’s list could be made into a book, Bildo only had a few items to complain about –…

Tipsy Lovin’

What starts out with a glass of wine (or two) and ends with the infamous Reverse Cowgirl?

Why, this blog post of course!

This week, Bildo & Lindalin are losing all their inhibitions and putting tipsy sex in the spotlight.