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Aretha Franklin: The Queen Rests her Soul

A tribute to a legend

Ms Franklin was the legend behind many songs that are still relevant and familiar today, because she made me feel like a natural woman, said a little prayer for you and demanded RESPECT for everyone!

You may know the name, you may know the voice, but there are many things you may not know about this iconic woman, who climbed the higher mountains in her day and age to make a difference to her people.

Here are some interesting facts about the great Aretha Franklin.

EuroTrip – 7 Cities Off the Beaten Path


Paris, Venice, Berlin, Barcelona – these cities are all amazing and should be visited at least once, but there comes a time in every travellers life when he has to walk the path less known and colour outside the lines of the tourist traps.

Europe has so much more to offer than a handful of cities that hog all the attention and we’re here to give you a list that will inspire you to step to the left of the beaten path and into some truly amazing cities. Let’s start in the beautiful coastal town of Tivat, Montenegro…!

Don’t Lose Sight of Yesterday’s Generation

Give your elders the gift of your time

This is the fastest moving generation of all and with social media running our lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype and lose all sense of reality. While we’re Instagramming and Snapchatting, our elders are left scratching their heads as to why their grandchildren are filming themselves planking on ironing tables and doing the floss.

As you shake your head and explain to grandpa that Snapchat is life, he is probably shaking his head at you thinking that you have no idea what life is.

For the Love Of Cooking

The MasterChef Generation

In the land of frozen meals and drive thru’s, when is the last time you stopped to smell a homemade moussaka?

A whole generation of people have grown up eating store bought frozen meals and it has become a norm for many families. But the winds are changing and with more cooking shows on Free to Air TV than frozen fish fingers in a packet (approximately 40), people are starting to cook for pleasure again, rather than turning to the fast food that is so readily available.

Food Truck Lovin’

The Best Rollin’ Restaurants in Town! 

The last few years have seen Brisbane become quite the cultured chap, opening its heart and stomach to many new delicacies – on wheels!

Food Trucks have become so popular that not only do we go out of our way to find them, there are now a number of festivals, even permanent fixtures around town to accommodate interchangeable delicacies and give the crowd what they want – tasty, tasty variety!

With such an array of food available, let’s make some plans for the weekend and check out some of Brisbane’s favourite food truck stops.

Sonic Masala: The Home of Brisbane’s Underground Music Scene

Underground but not out of sight

The sway of the crowd, the bass bouncing off the walls and into your bones, the smell of beer, the sweat, the passion. Welcome to Brisbane’s Underground Music Scene. Welcome to Sonic Masala Fest.

3 Ways to Help Save Your Local Environment

Becoming an Eco-Warrior has never been easier

Being eco-friendly is all the rage right now and with good reason – Mother Earth has been mistreated by us and it’s time we change our ways and show some respect.

Locals have started taking things into their own hands and are not only changing their own habits, but picking up after their neighbours too – literally.

6 Reasons to Enjoy the Queensland Winter

Don’t just survive winter, ENJOY winter!

Winter is upon us, and although the Queensland winter is notorious for still being summer, Queenslanders feel the chill in their bones. After 5 pm. Because that’s when it gets cold.

But if you can’t wait for the heat to return to your life, read on for inspiration to enjoy the cold season this year!

Shutting down the baby making factory

Guest post on mindfulyogamomlife.com

I have two wonderful children, 22 months apart, and I adore my daughters. I enjoy their every breath. Since becoming a mother, I have learned more about life than I knew was possible.

But there comes a time in every womans life where she thinks “Is this my last time?”

“Will I ever be pregnant and smell this baby smell again?”

But first, heres a little bit about my journey into motherhood.

Cycle of Crazy- A Woman’s Diary

Guest post on mindfulyogamomlife.com

Yep, we’re talking about periods today! Men, don’t you dare log off! You need to know what we go through for approximately 40 years of our lives, almost every single month.