Meet The Ladies

Billi Milovanovic, Wine Chats Podcast
Billi Milovanovic

Billi ‘Bildo’ Milovanovic was born in Former Yugoslavia. In 1995 her family moved to New Zealand due to the Yugoslav war, and in 2000 they arrived in Australia.

She learned to speak English through American television and school in NZ, which explains her weird accent.

Billi, with the help of her daddy-o, Tom, does all of the recording and editing for Wine Chats.

A mother of two and wife of one, Billi’s oversharing hasn’t gotten her into too much trouble with the Husband – yet. Billi is typically a beer drinker but enjoys a dry wine – red or white, she’s not (too) picky…

Lyndsey Kirkwood, Wine Chats Podcast
Lyndsey Kirkwood

Lyndsey ‘Lindalin’ Kirkwood is Canadian born and relocated to Australia in 2005. This would explain her weird accent.

A graduate of an Advertising Diploma from Barrie, Canada, approximately 23 and a half years ago, she is responsible for the look and feel of Wine Chats with the trusty help of her design eye.

Lyndsey is a wife of 13 years and counting, a mother of 3 real (gorgeous) babies and 2 (furry) fur babies. Lyndsey is a proud homemaker and runs the tightest ship you ever did see.

Her days are fuelled by coffee and pilates and her favourite type of wine is Cabernet Sauvignon.