Meet Bildo & Lindalin

Billi 'Bildo' Milovanovic, Wine Chats Podcast Bio
Billi ‘Bildo’ Milovanovic
Lyndsey 'Lindalin' Kirkwood, Wine Chats Podcast Bio
Lyndsey ‘Lindalin’ Kirkwood
Bildo and Lindalin, Meet the Team, Wine Chats Bio

Bildo is dubbed ‘The Dreamer’, as she is constantly off with the fairies coming up with new and exciting directions for Wine Chats – like starting their own podcasting school that doubles as a winery. 

Lindalin, ever ‘The Realist’, is organised af and gives Wine Chats direction by actually making things happen. The resident notetaker, Lindalin knows exactly what is going on when, which is handy for a fairy-following-Bildo. 

We’ve been with our husbands since 2005 and with each other since 2009 and we have five kids between us (we know this sounds polyamourous. It kind of is.)

Back in 2019, Bildo had to beg Lindalin to start a podcast. Lindalin agreed under one condition – that she do no tech stuff. Bildo has since mastered the editing and production of Wine Chats with the trusty help and expertise of her dad, Tom. Lindalin, on the other hand, focuses on the look of Wine Chats with her design eye, and growing her knowledge of the wine world. 

Bildo has two pet mice (Moana and Squeeks). Lindalin is an actual pet person and has a cat (Bruce) and a dog (Frank), and she considers Bildo’s mice as rodents, not pets. 

Lindalin is Canadian and believes that bacon belongs with maple syrup. Her current favourite red wine is a Cabernet Sauvignon and she tosses between a Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio for her white wine choices. 

Bildo grew up eating meat, cheese and bread in Former Yugoslavia. Her favourite red is…. Pfft, let’s not joke, Bildo drinks beer.