It’s Just Homemaking, Babes!

What does Lindalin adore and Bildo deplore?

Being homemaking babes, of course!!

This week, the ladies talk about dust bunnies, stuff on shelves and the bloodlines that made them who they are…

Crying Into Our Wine

Everybody has a breaking point and this week, Bildo & Lindalin have reached theirs.

Nothing is wrong and everything is wrong as the ladies hold hands and cry together and ask each other “R U OK?”

Chats With An Old Guy

This week, we have a guest in the (figurative) house, a very special, very wise, very unapologetic, Old Guy!
Orest Komarnyckyj (we can’t pronounce it either), is the host of Old Guy Talks To Me and he’s here to tell us all about what happens in old age, including malfunctioning junk

Lindalin’s Holiday Misadventures

Full of misadventure and bad views, this week Lindalin recounts her recent mini-break, causing Bildo to make the decision to never holiday with Lindalin and her family.

Living Eco with Bildo & Lindalin

This week, we talk about all the green changes we’ve made in our lives to please Mother Earth… Except, some changes are less-grosser to make than others.

All About That Ca$h

Some couples use separate bank accounts, others keep spending patterns hidden from their partner – what do you do?

Day Dates & Girl Fights

We introduce you to our favourite life hack, the day date! But then Bildo picks a bone with Lindalin, starting a lovers quarrel.