S2 | E1 – Welcome to 2021, You Animals

We’re BACK and starting 2021 with a woof! It’s officially Season 2 of Wine Chats and we are welcoming in the new year in our usual style – with wine & laughs…. And pets?? That’s right, this week’s episode is all about man’s best friend! As I express my absolute disdain for the hairy, shedding…

The Final Destination

What is life without death? This week on Wine Chats, Bildo & Lindalin are contemplating the final destination and it’s many pathways.

Women Fart Too – It’s True!

Did you know that women fart too? It’s true!

Your girlfriend does it, your wife does it, your mother AND your sister do it too.

Because literally EVERYONE on Earth farts!

This week, Lindalin takes particular aim at society that suppresses bottom burping ladies and Bildo digs deep to understand where her poo-phobia comes from.

A Love For Beyoncé

This episode should have been called ‘Bildo ♥️’s Beyoncé’ due to a lifelong, one-sided friendship between the two.

But while Bildo professes her love for music this week, Lindalin surprises everyone (and no one) by declaring herself as a non-musical kind of gal.

Tipsy Lovin’

What starts out with a glass of wine (or two) and ends with the infamous Reverse Cowgirl?

Why, this blog post of course!

This week, Bildo & Lindalin are losing all their inhibitions and putting tipsy sex in the spotlight.

Operation Beach Bod: Commence!

Are you ready for Beach Bod Season? Because Bildo & Lindalin are NOT!

This week, the ladies discuss the approaching Aussie Summer as they get ready to show off their beach bods, with Lindalin relishing in her new swimwear and Bildo starting the season with a KICK!

It’s Just Homemaking, Babes!

What does Lindalin adore and Bildo deplore?

Being homemaking babes, of course!!

This week, the ladies talk about dust bunnies, stuff on shelves and the bloodlines that made them who they are…

Crying Into Our Wine

Everybody has a breaking point and this week, Bildo & Lindalin have reached theirs.

Nothing is wrong and everything is wrong as the ladies hold hands and cry together and ask each other “R U OK?”

Chats With An Old Guy

This week, we have a guest in the (figurative) house, a very special, very wise, very unapologetic, Old Guy!
Orest Komarnyckyj (we can’t pronounce it either), is the host of Old Guy Talks To Me and he’s here to tell us all about what happens in old age, including malfunctioning junk

Lindalin’s Holiday Misadventures

Full of misadventure and bad views, this week Lindalin recounts her recent mini-break, causing Bildo to make the decision to never holiday with Lindalin and her family.