Parenting School-Aged Kids

How hard is parenting school-aged kids?

This week, we are chatting about the busy life of parents with children in school (and day-care!)!

From making lunches to the drop off/pick up chaos, we talk about all the intricacies of school life and ask ourselves – how do parents do it all??

Featured Wine: Georgie Orbach Chardonnay


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S3 | E9 Georgíe Orbach – Chardonnay

There wasn’t much else to say about this wine except it’s just dang😋

🤍Bildo digs it. It’s the best chardonnay she’s had!

Lindalin wasn’t surprised with how much she enjoyed it; all of the GO wines she’s tried have been delish 👌🏻

Definitely no “ABC” going on here.

We still can’t get our heads around how affordable these super yummy wines are 🤯🤯

👉🏼FUN FACT: all of Georgie Orbach wines are sooooo affordable (and freakin scrumptious), like $10-$15 affordable!

🙏🏻@georgieorbachwines for sponsoring this ep 🥰🥰

Georgíe Orbach Chardonnay label with a block red background. Wine Chats Podcast wine Sponsor

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