The Wonders of Women

Women are wonders, are we not?

In our brand new episode out on #internationalwomensday, we honour wonderful and amazing women! Did you know our sex invented the circular saw and the electric refrigerator?

Plus we discuss feminism and when the divide between men and women really started.

Book cited: Feminism for Beginners

Featuring a brand new wine sponsor Round Theory Wines. In this episode, we are trying their White Field Blend.


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Round Theory WinesWhite Field Blend Review

We were soooo intrigued by this wine variety🐯🍐

🍊Bildo was in love. She loved how “mandariny and alcoholy” it was🤪

Lindalin on the other hand got knocked around by this wine💥 It was a tad too potent for her to fully enjoy.

👉🏼FUN FACT: Round Theory labels are printed on recycled stock and the inks they use are environmentally friendly 👊🏼

🙏🏻@roundtheorywines for sponsoring this ep 🥰🥰

Round Theory Wines White Field Blend label against a block maroon background.
Round Theory Wines White Field Blend

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