How To Decorate Your Life

What makes Lindalin’s panties wet?? Why, interior design, of course!

This week, Bildo enlists Lindalin’s help to build her dream home and she has a million questions. How do you buy matching furniture? Does one need a feature wall? How do you know what you like?

Lindalin will try and answer all those questions and more!

Featured wine: The Killers Pinot Grigio


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S3 | E6 The Killer – Pinot Grigio – Review

While sipping on this, Bildo had a wine “AHA moment”…she likes her whites to have a hint of sweet fruitiness 🍓🍉. Not sweet fruity though as that’s gross 🥴

Only thing that went through Lindalin’s mind 💭 while sipping on this wine was that she loves Pinot Grigio! And that she’d love to be back in 🇮🇹 drinking it 😌

👉🏼FUN FACT: we like our white wine super COLD!

The Killer Pinot Grigio label with pink background.
The Killer Pinot Grigio

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