Don’t You Hate It When Things Go Wrong?

On Wine Chats this week, we caught up on each other’s lives in the lead up to Christmas. As Lindalin raves on about her brand new Peggy Road pj’s, Bildo admits she hasn’t thought much about Christmas at all…

But this wasn’t the episode we had planned – this week we were supposed to have the wonderful Kathryn Morrow as a guest – but due to technical difficulties, we didn’t the chance to chat with her.

Good thing we had good wine!

Featured wine: Dandelion Vineyards Enchanted Garden Riesling


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S2 | E38 Dandelion Vineyards – Riesling

We were looking forward to tasting this wine as it had been some time since we’d sipped on a Riesling.

😋We were not disappointed.

Bildo found it citrusy and crisp…and “really nice”💛

Lindalin found it tart 🍋 and refreshing.

👉🏼FUN FACT: Riesling grape vines have a thicker bark than most making it ideal for growing in cooler climate!

🙏🏻@another_food_blogger for sponsoring this ep 🥰

S2 | E38 Dandelion Vineyards - Riesling label with dark red background. Wine Chats Podcast wine sponsor.
Dandelion Vineyards – Riesling

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