S2 | E31 – We Tried the Sacred Art of Tantric Sex

How much do you know about tantric sex? Every tried it?

This week’s episode has been months in the making as Bildo & Lindalin researched and put into practice the sacred art of long lasting love.

Featured Wine: El Desperado Red Blend 2019


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El Desperado by The Pawn Wine Co – Red Blend – Lindalin’s Review

💟Bildo found this wine really nice and light on the tongue yet full bodied.

Lindalin was baffled 😯 by all the flavours going on in her mouth…in a good way!

This wine is super 😋 and easy to drink! A must try.

👉🏼FUN FACT: Red wine 🍇 can be used to make white wine!!

🙏🏻The Pawn Wine Co for sponsoring this ep!

El Desperado by The Pawn Wine Co - Red Blend - Lindalin's Review

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