Grab Your Tin Foil Hats Because We’re Conspiracy Theorising

If you’ve ever seen Men In Black, then you know exactly where it’s at!

This week on Wine Chats, Bildo & Lindalin play conspiracy theorists as they chat about aliens, flat earthers (and why no one has ever fallen off the edge), JFK, the Illuminati & more!

Featured wine: Mollydooker Two Left Feet Shiraz Cabernet Merlot 2019


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S2 | E29 Molly Dooker, Two Left Feet – Shiraz Merlot Cabernet – Lindalin’s Review

We are slightly embarrassed as we didn’t know we were suppose to do the “Mollydooker shake” to fully enjoy this wine 😳🙈

After Bildo had a big whiff👃she said it smelt like a good one! She was a tad surprised as it was a lot daintier tasting then she expected.

I felt the exact opposite. For me, it was soft on the nose but hard on the tongue💥

Both of us agreed that Bildo’s nose was right…this🍷is a good one

👉🏼FUN FACT: A mollydooker is a slang term for a left handed person.

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Molly Dooker, Two Left Feet - Shiraz Merlot Cabernet, Wine Chats Podcast

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