Totally Irreverent with Ben Sorensen

Will you laugh or cry as Bildo & Lindalin chat with funny man Ben Sorensen about his illustrious career, how comedy is changing and how #offended everyone is these days…?

With the laughter came some serious truth bombs and this is an episode not to be missed!

Featured wine: The Pawn Wine Co., El Desperado Rosé


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The Pawn Wine Co., El Desperado Rosé

Before we even tasted this wine we were both sold by the super pretty label…yep we are label buyers 🙈

Bildo thought the colour was very pretty and dainty! A straight up “that’s delicious” 😋 came after her first sip.

I was a bit surprised with my first sip as it was punchier 🥊 then I expected. A yummy punch it was!

👉🏼FUN FACT: Don’t confuse Rosé with Blush. Blush wines are semi-sweet, while Rosé is dry.

🙏🏻 @thepawnwineco @eldesperadowine for sponsoring this ep 🥰🥰\

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