What Do You Call the Opposite of a Shopaholic? A Shopa-HATE-IT!!

Shopping – one woman’s joy, another one’s nightmare!

This week on Wine Chats, Bildo just has to chat it out after two failed attempts at clothes shopping.

And while Bildo finds the whole experience painful, Lindalin simply revels in the excitement of buying & selling.

Featured wine: Sirromet Winery Granit Lagrein 2020

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Sirromet Winery Granit Lagrein 2020 – Lindalin’s Review

Sirromet Winery Granit Lagrein 2020, Wine Chats Podcast Sponsor
Sirromet Winery Granit Lagrein 2020

👯‍♀️We were both super excited to try this wine as neither of us had ever tasted a Lagrein before.

We got even more excited when we read “aromas of dark 🍫, wild raspberries and freshly picked truffles” the back of the bottle!!

All you need to know about this wine is that it’s down right 😋 🤤

👉🏼FUN FACT: The official information about this wine varietal appeared in commercial documents in 1379.

🙏🏻 @sirrometwines for sponsoring this ep🥰🥰

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