Endometriosis & PCOS with Belinda Love

It’s Endometriosis Awareness Month and Belinda Love joins Bildo & Lindalin for an open chat about endo and its ugly cousin polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

With a recent endo scare in Wine Chats HQ, and Belinda’s lifetime of symptoms and treatments, this week we shine a bright light on the condition impacting 800,000 women in Australia.

Tipsy Aunt Flo Bloody Good Rosé – Lindalin’s Review

😍WOW, what a colour 🍑

Bildo thought this wine tasted like a “rosey sauv blanc” 🙈. She also found it nice and refreshing!

😋I found this wine really, REALLY nice! I was a bit baffled🧐🤔 as it tasted different (in a good way) to other rosés I’ve tried.

We bloody love this wine!! We love the colour, the mission and the taste. PERIOD 🔴

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