Hemp Chats With Cannabella

This week on Wine Chats, we’re chatting to Matthew from Cannabella Skincare.

When his mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, Matthew was determined to help her combat side effects of her treatment. But what started as a labour of love soon turned into a successful line of Hemp based products.

Plus, Matthew teaches us about the very useful and powerful medicinal plant – cannabis.

42ᵒS – Chardonnay – Lindalin’s Review

Oh dear, we are back on the Chardonnay train 😯

It’s no secret that neither of us are chardy fans. It’s just not our go to white.

We had the same 💭 with this wine. It’s not bad and would actually be rather nice…if you liked Chardonnay.

With saying that, our tastebuds have come a long way when sipping this @kathandkim favourite 🤩

👉🏼FUN FACT: If you come across “new wood” while reading tasting notes it means the vanilla-vanillin aroma of new oak whether 🇫🇷 or 🇺🇸

🙏🏻 @senseoftaste_ for sponsoring this ep 🥰🥰

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