The Pros & Cons of Being a Woman

In this week’s episode we felt like enough wasn’t said about the pros and cons of being a woman! ♀️

So from 🐱 calls to Meghan Markle and the sisterhood, we chat about all the good stuff and bad stuff about being a woman!

Featured wine: 2019 Babo Prosecco Rose DOC

2019 Babo Prosecco Rose DOC – Lindalin’s Review

 2019 Babo Prosecco Rose DOC - Lindalin's Review, Wine Chats Podcast

S2 | E9 wine – BABO – Rosé Prosecco‼️

📣What a treat it was to feature this wine as Rosé Prosecco didn’t exist this time last year!

“Oh that’s REALLY nice” said Bildo in a shocked tone, she’s normally not a big fan of bubbles. She got excited when she saw the pretty blush colour of this wine as Bildo thought that meant it wasn’t going to be sweet 🙄😏🤦🏼‍♀️

Neither of us found this to be sweet, instead it was crisp and fresh 👌🏻

I’m not a fan of the bubbles that attack you from the insides💥 These bubbles were perfect…soft but there. This wine is just down right yummy and lovely to drink 💖

👉🏼FUN FACT: In 2009 the Prosecco grape was renamed to Glera. This was to make room for the protection of “Prosecco” as the name of a geographically-protected wine.

🙏🏻 @babovini for sponsoring this ep 🥰🥰

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