Pens & Bells & Rhonda the Rodee

The Australian school year has started, the school bells are ringing and parents everywhere are crying into their breakfasts!

This week, on an emotionally charged episode, Lindalin and I are settling into school and discussing our first few days of drop offs and pick ups.

But first, there’s a very special introduction to be made – meet Rhonda the Rodee!

Rhonda, you sexy bae!

Firstly, we just have to gush about our new equipment, Rhonda the Rodee. I’m not a huge fan of the name Rhonda, as it seems outdated even by today’s standards of recycled names, and I do think we could have done better.

But somehow Rhonda seems to have stuck and just like your cousins’ baby whose name you hated – it’s starting to grow on me.

Rodecaster pro, rode sound equipment
Rhonda the Rodee | Image Credit: Sound Devices

Anywho, Rhonda is in fact the Rodecaster Pro, designed specifically for the podcasting community and she is just BRILLIANT! There is no better way to describe her, she’s perfection. She has a cool little effects board with preloaded sounds as well as the ability to just switch on and start recording without me having to offer a sacrificial lamb.

She’s so easy to use, even Lindalin could do it! That should tell you everything you need to know.

With Rhonda’s help , Lindalin and I are grabbing life by the balls and lining up a whole bunch of guests for season two, so look out! The Dream Team is here!

But then we spoke about school

And then, Linny and I recounted our first few days of being school mums!

It’s my first time as a school mum, with my eldest going into prep. Linny has a son who is in grade two this year as well as a little preppy, her daughter.

Ok, so first off – we’re exhausted! The first week isn’t just physically challenging (especially for me who likes to wander in and out of daycare leisurely) but emotionally draining.

The kids, who are all settling in one way or another, are all coming home delirious and with their own stories of their school experiences. Like the lunch time dramas both Linny and I couldn’t escape.

Parent Guilt Galore

And the guilt! The constant “Am I doing it right?” thoughts!

Especially in that moment when you finally make it to school. You’ve had a hell of a morning packing everyone’s everything, feeling proud as punch that you are so effing organised. And then you look down at your kid and they’re all teary.

Heart. Break.

Hands up who cried in the car on the way home?

It’s all part of growing up

We knew it had to happen and school is brilliant for kids. It’s just those first few weeks really do a number on us parents. Excuse us while our brains adjust!

On that note, there is no wine review this week because we drank peppermint tea to calm ourselves a little.

Peace out and please remember to hi-five all your parent friends and remember – don’t be a dick!


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