Politics & Sh*t

Politics! That’s right, a subject Lindalin and I were born to discuss!

This week on Wine Chats, we are asking all the important questions of the political world.

Like what the hell is going on in the US? Does anyone even follow Australian politics? And why, oh why, won’t Trump’s styling team help him?

Moody Politics

This week, Lindalin was simply tired. Which was good, because you don’t want a cheery disposition when discussing world issues.

Before we dig into this juicy topic, it’s fair to warn you that Lindalin and I are obviously not great political minds. We know as much as the news tell us and whatever we come across on the socials. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t Facebook opinionated, mmmkay?

Now, what better place to start then by discussing the most recent US election.

Like, what a shit show.

Besides the fact that Linny couldn’t remember what an election campaign was called, generally we both agreed that we have no idea what the Democrats and Republicans stand for, respectively, and why they were so angry at each other.

Lindalin was particularly irked with Donny Trump for being a sore loser. As the first President in 150 years not to do the White House handover, and generally running from the public instead of just conceding defeat – well, Linny, like the world, wasn’t impressed.

Why So Orange?

And I know this isn’t a new discussion, but seriously, where is Trump’s styling team? Melania is a former model and even she hasn’t managed to get his looks under control. He is simply the wrong colour, there’s not better way of saying it.

Criminal probe, legal fights await Trump after White House, Donald Trump, AP News
Donny | Image Credit: AP News |

And this has been the case forever! Even the White House team couldn’t fix what was going on.

That brought us to judging other world leaders, like when Lindalin took a swipe at everyone’s favourite Jacinda Ardern for having big teeth.

But you know what they say about women with big teeth…


Yea, we don’t know either!

But on that note, I’d like to personally apologise for Lindalin’s rude comment and I think the whole world agrees that Jacinta is probably the best world leader there is. Her and Justin Trudeau are right up there in terms of excellence.

Australian Politics

Honestly, who follows Australian politics?

Here’s what I know: I know that once we elect a new Prime Minister, we go straight for the kill and try and remove them for whatever reason they bug us on the day.

I know that there are a few jokers, like Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer, the Trumps of Australian politics if you will, that everyone basically ignores. Not elects.

Take notes, US.

And I know that whatever complaints we may have, the government seems to be doing ok. Sure there are improvements to be made, but there are also no Capitol riots, so I think we’re doing pretty good.

Great Political Minds

Our brains needed a rest after having that discussion! So have some wine and settle in for the episode. And if you need a recommendation, you can’t go past the Shiraz we were having this week by Monterra Wines.

So peace out, enjoy your respectful political conversations and remember, now more than ever – don’t be a dick!

And now, for Linny’s wine review:

Monterra Shiraz
Monterra Wines Shiraz

๐ŸŽ™S2|E2 wine-Monterra-Shiraz

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