Welcome to 2021, You Animals

We’re BACK and starting 2021 with a woof!

It’s officially Season 2 of Wine Chats and we are welcoming in the new year in our usual style – with wine & laughs…. And pets??

That’s right, this week’s episode is all about man’s best friend! As I express my absolute disdain for the hairy, shedding chores, Lindalin exposes her not-so-secret inner cat lady.

What a Start to 2021!

The year started a little shaky, don’t you think?

For all those who were waiting for midnight on December 31st, hoping and wishing for calmer waters, weren’t you sourly disappointed?

From the US civil war looming to a three day lock down here in Bris-Vegas thanks to a particularly nasty UK strain of Covid entering our haven, January is not off to a great start.

Personally, Linny and I had an amazing holiday season and the effects of this January haven’t been as severe for us couch potatoes who weren’t ready to rejoin society anyway.

And then I had my birthday! And Linny made me this video of hideous photos. My favourite is the sleeping airplane pic that should never have seen the light of day.

And I still love her for it.

Especially since her birthday is coming up, MUAHAHAHAHA!

Pets & Their Hairy-ness

Then we moved on to happier things and talked about pets!

Happier for some, I guess.

And that would be Linny! Our Lindalin loves pets. As long as I’ve known her, she’s had pets. When I first met her, she had Coco and Bruce, both whiny cats. Now she has everyone’s favourite TikTok star, Frankie, and Bruce the cat, who is still around.

Coco was an anxious cat and one day she literally disappeared. I think it’s safe to say she’s no longer with us.

I myself had two puppies, Tiffany, a pomeranian, and Mia, a chihuahua. Of course I was a terrible pet mother and when I moved out of home, my mother and I both agreed that it would be best for the doggies to stay with her. You know, somewhere where they will actually be cared for…

Fair enough.

Because I just don’t do pets. I cannot stand the hair. And the feeding and walking daily. And the pooping and collecting.

All I see when I see a pet is more chores.

I committed to looking after my children, but I refuse to commit to anything hairier than me.

A Death in the Family

When Lindalin suggested we do this topic, it was due to sad news she received from her brother about his cat dying.

Super sad, I know.

I’m more about the fact that kitty is no longer in pain. It was an old cat, probably blind and stuff – you’re better off in kitty heaven, buddy!

But this reminded me that just before Christmas, my sweet Tiffy also made it to pet heaven.

Tiffy was almost 16 years old, she was definitely blind and she was also definitely deaf. She was so old, and probably not having a fun time so my feelings about her death were pretty positive.

Of course I cried! I’m not a robot!

But I cried for myself and my mum, not for her. Now, Tiffy is fit and healthy, and she can see and hear and she’s chasing Coco up in heaven, so what more could one ask for, honestly?

Good To Be Back, Starting 2021 In Style!

On that note, peace out, love your chores, I mean pets, and look out for each other, yo’! The world may be going to shit, but we still have each other. Just keep your masks on and stay at least 1.5m away from me.

Love and wine to you all! And remember- don’t be a dick!

And now for Linny’s wine review:

🌸S 2 Ep 1 wine – COLAB and BLOOM – Pinot Gris🌺

What a wine to start Season 2 with 💛💛

Bildo thought this was light and fresh with hints of 🍎 and 🍐

I thought it was a 🍋 delight!

We both absolutely LOVED it✅✅

✨FUN FACT: Fat and spicy or light and crisp is what a Pinot Gris can be.

🙏🏻 @colabandbloom for sponsoring this ep 🥰🥰

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Colab and Bloom Pinot Gris

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