The Final Destination

Trigger Warning: This episode and blog post contain discussions about death, so please proceed with caution.

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What is life without death?

This week, Lindalin and I contemplate the final destination and its many pathways.

While Lindalin worries about getting her life in order before d-day, I have my own ideas about the afterlife.

The featured 🍷 was the Mayu Carmenere 2016. You can find the review at the end of this post or jump to it here.

Lindalin’s Will Woes

What a morbid topic indeed!

This week, Lindalin kicked off the episode nice and easy by telling us about her will woes. With three young kids and a bunch of assets, her and her husband are yet to complete a will in the event of their untimely departure.

Now, for someone who is so highly organised in life, in death, she seems to be lagging a little!

Speaking of young children, I (who has her will in order, ha!) had bigger concerns. I’m petrified that I will die while my kids are still so young.

I don’t want my babies forgetting their mummy. All I can do is pray that if I do go early, they are at an age where they’ll have formed memories of me.

Reaching the Final Destination

Next, we discussed how you’d like your body to be honoured (disposed of) after your passing.

Would you like to go in a ball of fire or peaceful burial? Because Linny doesn’t like either of those options! Luckily, I had some other suggestions for her.

Personally, I’m pretty chill about the whole thing, ’cause you know, I’ll be dead, but I still have wishes, just to make it easier on those left behind and I would like to be cremated and scattered in the river Neretva under the Old Bridge in Mostar. I’d like to leave in the same place I started.

But if Neretva is a bit far, my will requests that I be scattered anywhere. I don’t like the idea of being kept in a house. Ashes creep me out!

Forever Young

The episode takes a few deep dives and although we’ve given you the trigger warning, some of the things we cover in the episode can still be difficult to hear/read.

We discussed dying young and sent our thoughts to families like The Cookie Clan , who lost their husband and father to brain cancer at 29.

Then we got deeper still and touched on child suicide and the fears that we’ll miss our child suffering in silence leading them to take their lives.

S*it got heavy.

But then, I tried to pick things up a little by explaining what happens in Soul-School once you die.

A Beautiful Death

We all reach the final destination in many fashions but Lindalin and I decided that we’ve just witnessed the most beautiful death.

Lindalin’s Grandma-in-law passed away recently and sad as that is, we feel Gran died in the perfect way.

Gran was 95, had her full wits about her and chose to die in her own way. She got all her affairs in order, she most definitely had her will sorted (granted, she had a few decades to get it organised), and she said her goodbyes to her family.

Dying peacefully in her sleep, she went out knowing she lived a good life and raised a good family.

Was there ever a more beautiful death?

Live Your Best Life

Let’s wrap it up by reminding you that life is short and you should just do you. Live a little more, fear a little less – and sort your will out, for real.

Remember, don’t be a dick and try some different wines, like the one we had this week from Sense of Taste!

And now, for Linny’s wine review…


✨Episode 72’s wine – Mayu – Carménère✨

One word came to both of our minds after taking the first sip of this wine…different.

We couldn’t quite put our finger on what it was 🧐🤔 but that didn’t stop us from enjoying it!

💥Fun fact: different tasting wines can still be tasty 🙃

🙏🏻 @senseoftaste_ for sponsoring this episode

Wine from Sense of Taste

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