It’s Just Homemaking, Babes!

What does Lindalin adore and I deplore?

Homemaking, of course!!

This week, we turn our attention to dust bunnies, stuff on shelves and the bloodlines that made us the way we are… It’s Just Homemaking, Babes!

But, like, where’s all your stuff??

As if you haven’t read on this blog how much I hate housework enough times, amiright?

And yet, here I am complaining about it all over again.

I am just not made to be that kind of guy. My brain doesn’t work that way, it’s like mess is invisible to me right up until that moment when I have a friend come over, and as I climb the stairs to my living area suddenly my eyes become the eyes of a stranger – taking in every misplaced item in my house, judging myself as I do so.

Lindalin on the other hand has the gift of self-diagnosed OCD. Her built-in cleaning system is at pro-level and she doesn’t feel the pain of tidying up her house, it comes naturally to her.

And it comes as no wonder when you hear about the fond memories of her childhood…

The women who made us

Lindalin grew up with a grandmother who had a pink carpet with military precision vacuum marks, that were not to be disturbed by sweet Linny’s tiny feet.

And pink carpet aside, this is how Lindalin manages her own household – with the accuracy of a woman who cannot see things out of place.

woman in beige long sleeve shirt and maroon pants holding vacuum cleaner

My grandma was a strict and disciplined woman. I remember her ironing her bedsheets, folding then ironing again, and so on and so forth until what you ended up with was a stack of flat pack sheets that would impress the Queen’s staff.

I conveniently left that particular gene in rural Bosnia.

Bills, bills, bills…

But homemaking isn’t just cleaning – it’s running of the house hold! It’s paying bills on time, buying groceries, planning lunches and dinners, managing schedules… It’s real life, adulting admin.

And if we’re honest, being paid for admin is bad enough – not being paid for it at all is just criminal.

So the way I comfort myself as I mop is that at least I have a house to mop. At least I have a family to mop for. At least I have moppable floors!

All whilst daydreaming of buying a robo-vac that can do all the vacuuming for me and a housekeeper who can do the rest…

boy in green jacket lying on brown leather couch

Lindalin has an added level of complication of having one kid in school and an absolute love for holiday season.

A kid in school means 5 DAYS A WEEK OF BEING ON TIME (ridick).

And because of her OTT ways, Linny really wants her kids to experience all that she did as a kid, so she takes it upon herself to cater for additional holidays, like Thanksgiving.

Lindalin, babe, you’re Australian now. Stand down on the extra holidays.

Wrappity Wrap!

The lesson this week is either enjoy your pretty house courtesy of your OCD or earn enough money to hire a house manager, like my husband did…

And we would love to know about your love or hate of house cleaning, so please hit us up in the comments!

In the meantime, sending you lots of dust bunnies and perfect carpet vacuum marks, and a reminder not to be a dick!




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