Crying Into Our Wine

Everybody has a breaking point and this week, we have reached ours!

Nothing is wrong and everything is wrong as Lindalin and I find ourselves crying into our wine, holding hands, and asking each other “R U OK?”

But it’s not all gloom and doom as we play a surprise guess-the-wine game created for us by a very special friend.

We are FINNNE!

Our lives are fantastic, they really are. In the grand scheme of things, we have roofs over our heads (some nicer than others) we have happy and healthy families, we have all the love and support and TLC in the world, but…

Ahh, the ‘but’.

The ‘but’ is this – sometimes, life just piles up on top of you!

And this week, we kinda just lost it. Linny and I synched our bad moods and instead of uplifting one another, we decided to hold hands and cry together.

And that’s ok too. Because crying is healthy and holding it all in would just mean explosions at the husbands and I personally think my husband deals with enough of that with me.


My sweet Linny was holding on by a thread, and on the day I came to work on our sweet little podcast, she just burst into tears and off we went.

With a death in the family and the holiday’s coming up, her ‘to-do’ list was growing and it was really only a matter of time before she felt utterly hopeless.

I on the other hand am really making a mountain out of a molehill, but nonetheless, my mountain contained uncertainties about my career. You see, I made a big hoorah about quitting my job last year so I can be ‘Bildo’ and frankly, nothing has taken off like I expected.

So we both just wanted to feel sorry for ourselves and thankfully we had each other, and you, to confide in.

It’s okay not to be okay…

Ultimately, if listening to our woes made you feel more justified to cry over your own, mission accomplished. Because we all need to cry sometimes, we all need to just admit that there are times when we’re scared and lonely and busy and just damn sad.

We are also big advocates of therapy, I personally have relied on a therapist or two in my time and those motherfuckers really know where it’s at. So reach out if you need!

With that in mind, be good, look after yourself and your friends and remember – don’t be a dick! For real.




Episode #66 of Wine Chats was proudly sponsored by our friend from @WineReview_Simple. And now, for Lindalin’s review…

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