Chats With An Old Guy

This week, we have very special, very wise, very unapologetic, Chats with an Old Guy!

Orest Komarnyckyj (we can’t pronounce it either), is the host of Old Guy Talks To Me and he’s here to tell us all about what happens in old age, including malfunctioning junk.

Old Guy Orest

Orest is a podcaster from Las Vegas, Nevada, and he is kick ass, especially for an old guy. He is a former periodontal regenerative surgeon and after deciding that 30 years of that was enough, he turned his attention to more creative ventures, like talking to lovely ladies like us for a living.

And we couldn’t wait to find out what he had to say about all the wonder that old age brings, even if we weren’t 100% ready to hear some things.

Vaginal Rejuvenation, Anyone?

Orest is actually a doctor and he knows things. Like, real facts. Plus, in his podcast, he interviews other doctors.

So he was more than happy to tell us all about how ladies like Lindalin will be in need of a bit of vaginal rejuvenation soon enough. I’m not even trying to be mean, Lindalin is in her 40’s now, she must start thinking about these things.

And Orest was also ready to admit that men don’t really understand what happens down there for women, the stuff that slowly creeps in over the years, like urinary incontinence after vaginal birth.

Thanks for the support, Orest. And thanks for spreading that good word! Vagina’s everywhere can rest now.

How to get laid without begging!

But the brightest piece advice old man Orest had to give was advice to men, to assist with getting laid without having to beg for it.

And gentlemen, they are simple suggestions. It’s stuff you already know, I promise.

  • Have an honest conversation

How’s that for a start? Talk to your wife. Share your feelings and offer an opportunity for her to share hers. It’s all about that open communication and not during a fight, not during a time you see her world going to shit. Maybe you can crack a bottle of wine open after dinner, and once your suspicious wife is assured that you haven’t done anything wrong, you can start an open, honest conversation about your lives together. This will allow your wife to feel closer to you mentally, leading to physicality.

  • Chivalry

Chivalry is back, yo! Be nice to your wife. Do the stuff you used to do at the beginning when you suckered her into falling in love with you. Open the car door, pull a chair out, help her carry the shopping in, that kinda stuff. It’s not hard for you to do, but your wife will feel the TLC you’re sending her way, and that will further get her in a lovey mood.

  • Buy flowers

Women love flowers. You love women. It’s all about setting the mood, sending some love your wife’s way, a little appreciation for all that pee that exits her involuntarily after she bore your children. And it doesn’t have to be flowers! If your wife is a chocolate or magazine kinda lady, that’ll do too!

So you see, it’s not rocket science. And no one is saying this is fool-proof or that your wife doesn’t have to put effort in. It just means that your wife will appreciate you appreciating her and maybe then, she’ll appreciate your penis more too. Just sayin’.

Old guy will return!

This was a two part episode and Orest will be back with his wisdom next week.

In the meantime, let us know if you’ve tried the three step plan and if you’ve reduced the amount of sex begging you had to do.

Love, peace and a rejuvenated vagina to you all,


~~~ This episode of Wine Chats with Bildo & Lindalin was proudly sponsored by Sense of Taste. And now, for Lindalin’s review…

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