Living Eco with Bildo & Lindalin

In our very sustainably sourced episode, we introduce you to Bamboo Bildo & Landfill No-No Lindalin, your very own Eco Warriornesses.

This week, we’re Living Eco with Bildo & Lindalin as we talk about all the green changes we’ve made in our lives to please Mother Earth… Except, some changes are less-grosser to make than others.

Bamboo Bildo

I didn’t mean to do this – talk about periods, that is. It’s just that this is how the episode had to start this week.

You see, I’ve been reading the fabulous Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav, which encourages us to be kind to all, including Mother Earth, lest you be karmically scorned. And being kind to Mother Earth means not polluting her with my period catching devices.

I was all set for pads, with my period underwear and reusable bamboo pads, but now I was off on a search of a biodegradable solution to tampons.

Except what I came upon, for the second time in my life, was a period cup.

person holding a blue empty silicon
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Long story short, I was leaking all over the place for 4 days. They did say I need to keep trying for a few cycles to learn how to insert that sucker properly, so rather than being discouraged, I feel f*cking fabulous for knowing that this month, I didn’t send one pad or tampon for Mother Earth to digest over the next 600 years, so that’s gotta count for something… right?

Landfill No No Lindalin

Over the years, Lindalin has been rather handy to me. Not only has she given me around 65% of all the recipes now in my repertoire, she has also taught me a lot about recycling!

For example, did you know you can recycle soft plastics? You know, wrappers and stuff?

Well, I didn’t. But Landfill No No Lindalin did – she’s been doing it for years!

By far the greatest thing Lindalin introduced me to is Urban Brew – Ethical Coffee | Biodegradable Pods.

Image Credit: Urban Brew

And the best part is that they are half the price than what you’ll get from Nespresso.

Lindalin’s other thing is eco cleaning products, meaning she doesn’t send unnecessary chemicals into the world’s water. She uses Koh for a bit of toxic-free cleaning as well as the Enjo cloth that needs nothing other than water to be a wiping superstar. How’s that for sustainable?

Plus she’s been playing scientist with her kids by cleaning her sink with baking soda and vinegar. She’s clever, our Linny.

Eco does NOT equal expensive

Although I’m new to the eco game, I found that it was actually not a difficult transition to make at all. I’ve changed my plastic bottled shampoo, conditioner and body wash for shampoo/conditioner/body bars. Look at all that plastic I didn’t just buy!

brown bread on green plastic tray
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Not to mention that I’ve replaced plastic toothbrushes with bamboo ones (they seem to be all the rage right now) and bamboo toilet paper from Who Gives a Crap.

What struck me was how inexpensive all the changes have been. Nothing that I purchased cost more than the plastic alternatives did. Especially considering one off costs of items like reusable face pads.

So today’s lesson is that if you can make one eco change in your home, throw out one less plastic bottle, use one less harmful chemical in your kitchen – then together, we really, truly, madly, deeply can make a difference to Mother Earth. Maybe then, she won’t evict us all in a fiery ball of flame that she’ll survive but we won’t.

So on that fun note, remember – don’t be a dick – and reduce that use of plastic, will ya?

Love and eco warriornesses,



This week’s episode of Wine Chats with Bildo & Lindalin was proudly sponsored by ReWine.

And now, for Lindalin’s review…

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