What’s Entertaining Bildo & Lindalin?

What’s Entertaining Bildo & Lindalin, you ask yourself?

Sure, kids and husbands are great, but what truly sparks joy in us is quiet time and great TV!

So this week, my Linny and I talk about all our favourite shows and all is going well until I bring up the book I’ve been reading – and Lindalin hurts her eyeballs from all that rolling…

Are We Normal People?

I know we’ve spoken about Normal People during out weekend away episode, but we couldn’t help but touch base about it in the TV episode. Largely because Lindalin had such a severe emotional reaction to it and all I reacted to was all the sex in it.

It’s beautiful sex too, not like the porn type, and certainly, I felt all dem feelz watching this show. What I didn’t get was all the down and out feelings between the characters who made life so much harder for each other than it had to be. When I got to the end of Normal People, I was relieved. Lindalin probably cried.

Anyway, I give it a 3/5. Lindalin probably gave it a 5. Look at it this way – if you feel like a slow burn, dreary romance, you’ll enjoy this.

What else is on the menu…?

Other shows we talked about were Killing Eve, Lindalin’s latest obsession, and Drop Dead Diva, which is mine.

I’ve been binging Drop Dead Diva for weeks now and I know it’s not a show that’s new, but I just love the feel good nature of it, the fact that all their legal matters wrap up in a matter of days and that they always win in the end. It’s the best of the best of lollipop TV – you know, delicious and easy to consume.

Killing Eve (which I started on Lindalin’s recommendation) is more like an anxiety inducing game of cat and mouse. Granted it’s easy to watch and immediately entertaining, but it’s still a murdery show and I don’t know exactly what bothers me about it, but I can’t see myself finishing it.

Then there was Lindalin’s other suggestion, a period-comedy The Great, that was actually funny. I watched an episode and a half before I moved on but to be fair, its hard to entertain me because I never quite know what I’m in the mood for, and then it turns out to be a reality competition like Glow Up, which means The Great lost before it even had a chance.

Bildo Reads

What I really love though is a great, life changing book. And that’s exactly what I’m reading now! It’s just that life changing books aren’t really Lindalin’s thing and she had to try really hard to be supportive whilst I talked about the book I’m reading, Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukav.

Yes, it’s about meditation and soul discovery. Oprah read it and it changed her life, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s good enough for me!

And I do feel like I’m already kinder to the Earth and less judgey of others and that’s gotta count for something. Plus I’m following my Mother-ship to get to the ultimate destination, so who’s laughing now, Lindalin?!

Wrappity Wrap

That’s it for another week from us, finishing it up with a meaty joke and a plug for Reese Witherspoon and her shows Shine On and Big Little Lies.

We would love to know of any shows or books that are hitting your spot but more importantly that you think would hit ours, so hit us up in the comments or go on and slide into our DM’s.

Enjoy your life, don’t be so damn judgey and remember – don’t be a dick!

Love & Laughs,



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