I Quit My Job and Changed My Life!

This is the story of how I quit my job and changed my life… 

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After a decade of working in the same office, learning the same hopeless thing, my children helped me see that living isn’t really living if you’re not brave enough to take chances.

And so I made a decision that would impact the rest of my life. I quit living a life that wasn’t meant for me.

When hate runs deep

I hated my job. I’d worked there for around 11 years with a few stints over here and having babies over there.
After we decided that we have enough children and I started back at work, suddenly my future looked bleak.
I found myself at a desk, in an office, doing a job that was totally wrong for me, and I thought “This can’t be it.”

I realised that I no longer had anything to look forward to. This was it. This was what I did now. I came to an office, I typed up boring emails, I ate a late lunch so my afternoons were shorter and I hated every second of those seven hours and 15 minutes.
No more maternity leave. No upcoming holidays. Absolutely no hope.
I was totally uninspired.
But I couldn’t let this happen.

The Game of Life

You know that board game, ‘The Game of Life’? The one where you choose your own adventure on a board?
Well, I was now on a mission to create the life that I wanted, one board game step at a time.
As a relentless soul-searcher, I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience..

spirituality, spiritual Bildo, Monk Bildo
Spiritual Bildo

In a moment of clarity, in that moment when I thought “this can’t be it,” I made a decision.
This won’t be it.
I can control my own destiny and I got myself this far, but it was time for a gear shift.
I took stock of my life and I understood that I have been neglecting my career because I was focusing on my family.
But now that my family have all vacated my body and I was a free agent again, it was time to zone in on the only part of my life that I truly felt unfulfilled with – my career.

I knew what I didn’t want…

Now I had to figure out what I did want.
And what I wanted first and foremost was to enjoy my job.
No more boring ass jobs and working in boring ass offices. That part of my life is over.

I want a job that excites me, that involves travel. And I want to do something happy and joyful. I want to make people laugh. My face already does half the work so the rest couldn’t be that hard.
And I realised that I have been doing all of that with my real love and side hustle, my sweet blog and the podcast Lindalin and I started, Wine Chats with Bildo and Lindalin.

I was getting all the right feels and the stars were aligning.
I realised that I’ve been laying down the groundwork for my new career for years and now was the time to take a chance and go for it.

It’s now or never, right?

So I quit my job and changed my life

That’s right, I did it! I Quit my job and changed my life! The end of 2019 saw me leaving my office for the last time and 2020 has started with me in the Boss chair. So far, I have been a very lax boss with not a lot of rules and absolutely no uniform, but that’s cool, we’re working on it.

I gave up amazing benefits, flexible work, a team full of women who I loved – but I gained peace.

It was about gaining a sense of myself and what I really wanted to do. I finally started listening to the Bildo that’s been trapped inside, suppressed and quieted for too long.

I was so scared to leave my cushy job (even though it made me miserable), and I forgot what I am really made for – but that’s you. I’m made to entertain you and make you laugh.

So stick with me and I promise we’ll have a lot of fun together. This year, Lindalin and I are starting a YouTube Channel and we will be infiltrating your phone feeds and lives in every way possible. We’re shooting for the stars and taking you with us!

And in that spirit, I would love to know all your thoughts and suggestions for future posts and topics, so hit me in the comments below or feel free to email me at billimilovanovic@gmail.com.

And please remember to subscribe so you can keep up with all my adventures!

Can’t wait to hear from, you!

Remember – you do you, don’t be a dick and most of all – be happy!

Love from me, to you,


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  1. Stacey Price says:

    I’m here for this! We are now both part of the new and improved F*CK THOSE CORPORATE JOBS club – it’s so awesome, isn’t it? Who needs benefits and annual leave when you wake up every morning not wanting to vom from stress and apathy and more! xx

    1. Gurrrl, speaking my language! I absolutely agree – there’s no more important benefit than the one where you’re healthy of mind! And being stuck in the corporate wheel of death is just something I couldn’t do for the next 30 years of my life.

  2. Allyson says:

    What you’re talking about here Billi is 100% me right now.

    I have stayed doing work that I hate for so many years for the security that working in the Govt brings. I have been fortunate to work with amazing people – so that helped me stay. The money is good too. But I really do hate it. Recently – I allowed myself to say that out loud. Not like at work or anything – still trying to keep an air of professionalism there – but privately, to myself and people close to me.

    So a few weeks ago I met with my career counsellor and now have a new plan. What I don’t yet have is a new job – but I’m heading in the right direction and have hope for the first time in a long time.

    This means that, in the meantime, I stay and eat my lunch late to make the afternoons shorter and I am trawling all the job websites looking for the right job to come along.

    I so wish I could just take that leap and trust that I’ll land somewhere that has options and opportunities – but I just can’t do it. I totally love that you did – LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

    1. Allyson, I’ve been there! And I remember finally admitting how much I hated it to myself and then to my husband. When I told him, we were out at dinner and I burst into tears telling him. He was like “Stoooop, people will think I’m making you cry!”

      But from the point I actually admitted it and said it out loud, things started moving pretty quickly for me. Because until I was honest with myself, I could change nothing.

      So good luck to you and have a little faith. Where energy goes, every grows! Something will come up for you soon 🙂 please email me when it does, I’d love to know how you go!!

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